We must work to ensure all Philadelphians have access to affordable health care, live and work in a safe and clean environment and have access to opportunities to improve their health.

As Mayor, Lynne will:

  • Develop a Health Action Plan for Philadelphia that evaluates new approaches, strategies and tactics in an area that is in dramatic transition following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. For example, our City must ratchet-up disease prevention measures, put in place bolder anti-obesity and child fitness initiatives and partner with the private sector to reduce costs and increase of care. Public health is central to our City’s quality of life.
  • Ensure that drug treatment options—both private and public—are available to those in need, and put in place policies that help recovered addicts return to their homes, communities and jobs with warmth and welcome.
  • Work to make available family-planning services to all those in need and ensure maternal and child healthcare are available for mothers and their families.
  • Explore methods for expanding the City’s free heart-health screenings.
  • Offer an asthma and diabetes education health fair in partnership with our City health centers, neighborhood health centers, hospitals and other health providers.
  • Work to prevent the transmission and spread of HIV. Make sure, working with partner organizations, that those with HIV and AIDS have access to health care services.
  • Protect and continue funding and creation of shelters for women—and make sure that DHS is adequately funded.
  • Communicate to families the importance of vaccination and provide information on where they can obtain vaccinations for their children.
  • Work alongside Smoke Free Philly and other advocates to eliminate tobacco products from pharmacies, drug stores, and other distributors of prescription medication; We applaud those who have already done so, like CVS.

Ready On Day One