Revitalizing our transportation infrastructure is key to our future success. Rebuilding our roads and bridges, expediting the $7 billion Philadelphia International Airport Capacity Enhancement Project, and expediting the resurfacing and repair of City streets are vital to quality of life and supporting our businesses.

As Mayor, Lynne will:

  • Use the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities to coordinate decision-making among the agencies and departments that manage the City’s transportation and utilities infrastructure. Working with PennDOT and SEPTA, we must put in place immediately an infrastructure plan and initiative. This includes rebuilding and bringing our train and bus system into the modern era.
  • Using available technology, implement a pothole repair system that maps each pothole and assigns an expedited repair ticket to each occurrence.
  • Increase funding to the Streets Department to identify and prioritize problematic intersections and to find preventative solutions to reduce vehicular accidents.
  • Work to ensure all our thoroughfares and passageways, regardless of mode of transportation, are in safe condition. This means our process for reporting and repairing transportation corridor conditions must be fully operational and efficient. Anyone who’s been caught in endless hours of traffic, understands the economic and quality of life issues at stake here.
  • Engage Philadelphia’s recently established Traffic Operations Center to better manage traffic and reduce congestion.
  • Coordinate with the Philadelphia Bicycle Advocacy Board to improve and increase bike lanes, propose additional bike-safety regulations, and implement Vision Zero policy.
  • Develop plans with the Streets Department to improve safety for pedestrians and to implement pedestrian-only crossing between light changes, particularly for busy neighborhood intersections.
  • Ensure the City is accessible for all, including senior citizens, those with physical disabilities, and others who may require unique transportation services.
  • Engage SEPTA and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission to evaluate projects that have been on the drawing board for years, such as extending the Market-Frankford El service to the Northeast, extending the Broad Street Line up Roosevelt Boulevard as a subway-elevated line and extending the Broad Street Line to the Navy Yard.

Ready On Day One