I’m running to make Philadelphia America’s Next Great City to make sure each Philadelphian has the opportunity to achieve his or her own American Dream.

I grew up in a Philadelphia where it was possible to rise from poverty into the middle class, as my family did – but today, it’s nearly impossible. Our city’s economy, education, safety, and quality of life are all falling behind.

Our city can do better, but doing better demands transformational leadership, with vision, courage, and grit. Doing better demands a leader with the ability to bring Philadelphians together, to find common ground, to bring a new and tough-nosed competence to the challenges we face, to lead us forward, and to aim us higher.

I’ve had the honor to serve this great city across a wide range of positions, each one of which was a position of integrity, trust, high visibility, and great responsibility. I helped grow the economy by leading the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. I helped make sure the city was safe and secure as District Attorney by running the city’s largest law office.

I’m running for mayor because every day I hear from a Philadelphian who wants a new kind of transformational leadership and a new approach to leading our city. Not the same old same old; not the convenient or the easy — but a new path, which will require taking on the status quo.

Success will only come from forming strategic alliances across a broad spectrum of Philadelphians—and listening to their ideas: Community leaders, religious leaders, educators, medical professionals, architects, planners, business leaders, millennials, entrepreneurs, and dreamers, too.

A transformational leader listens to the business community about what has to be done to grow our economy. A transformational leader listens to labor leaders who are concerned about unemployment in the building trades. A transformational leader listens to teachers and parents about how our schools can help students grow into productive workers in the new economy.

I’m running for mayor to transform Philadelphia into America’s Next Great American City — but the only way we’ll succeed is with your help. Join me in this Great Philadelphia transformation by signing up for updates, or by following me on Facebook and Twitter, and please consider supporting my campaign by donating today.

Ready On Day One